We are thrilled to announce that Mission + Strategy Consulting (M+S), a nonprofit collaboration services provider founded by Jean Butzen in 2006, is joining the Keystone Alliance (Keystone) family of organizations.

Since its inception, M+S has completed more than 75 separate mergers and partnership transactions with its client organizations.

By joining forces, M+S and Keystone will be able to provide nonprofit leaders in the region with a single source for all of their collaboration and back-office needs. Whether they are seeking to strengthen financial and mission performance through shared finance, IT, and HR services, or achieve amazing mission impact from using collaboration strategies like mergers, asset transfers, joint ventures, and other combinations, we will have it all in house.

Moving forward, M+S engagements, which include the assessment, exploration, and implementation of mergers, acquisitions, and other structural collaborations, will be led by Judie Caribeaux, Keystone’s new Chief Collaboration Officer. Judie brings extensive experience to this role, having provided senior leadership to five social impact organizations since 1996.

She is uniquely qualified to excel in this new position due to her experience leading Family Shelter Service through a merger process with Metropolitan Family Services in 2019. She will transition from an M+S customer to its leader as part of the Keystone team.

Keystone CEO, Greg Petersen is excited to welcome M+S, Jean and Judie to Keystone. He says, “Judie, Jean and I have all experienced the benefits and challenges of strategic collaborations. Whether through merger, alliance, or another route, the goal is to strengthen, secure, and sustain nonprofit missions. The field is under more pressure than ever – by facilitating collaborations, mergers, alliances, and other partnerships, we look forward to building nonprofit capacity and sustainability for years to come.”

Read our joint press release here.