What We Do

Small nonprofits have some distinct advantages over big organizations. What they lack in resources and capacity, they make up in mission impact, quality outcomes and responsiveness to the unique needs of the local communities they serve.  But what if small and midsized nonprofits could gain access to the tools that are available to larger nonprofits, without losing the advantages that come with being smaller?

Keystone Alliance makes this possible. Whether you’re looking for support to navigate our complicated regulatory environment, create and manage a strategic plan, grow your social enterprise or build capacity to launch new program initiatives, Keystone can help.  Our consultation services are highly collaborative and structured to allow our member organizations to maintain their unique identity with their stakeholders and community.

Strengthen your back office with our comprehensive menu of administrative services. The efficiencies and cost savings gained through our services allow our member organizations to re-direct a greater share of their resources toward their missions and programs

Keystone Alliance was founded on the belief that nonprofits can achieve more for the people they serve through collaboration and partnership.  This belief continues to inspire our work to this day.

Contact us to learn how Keystone Alliance can help you strengthen the impact and sustainability of your nonprofit’s mission.

Consultation Services

  • Strategic Portfolio Management - Planning, execution, data capture analysis and reporting, results and outcomes evaluation
  • Strategic Financial Management – creating a healthy and productive resource base
  • Compliance Management – Systems overlay (tools) compliance reporting, QA, Third-Party HR Policy consultancy and audits
  • Enterprise IT Systems Management – Integrated set of IT systems and tools
  • Executive Management - Operations management, policy administration & maintenance, risk management, change management, long–range strategic planning, project planning & oversight
  • Social Enterprise Development – Business planning & strategy, marketing, feasibility study development, capacity building, partnership management, financial modeling and coaching

Administrative Services

  • Financial Services – Budgeting, financial reporting, cash flow management, accounts receivable & payable, payroll, business & contract management, purchasing
  • Information Technology - EMR database management, custom report development, user support, database migration & implementation, network management, customized solution development
  • Human Resources - Policy development & consultation, leave administration, benefit sourcing & administration, management of human resources IT systems
  • Communications - Management reporting, board & administrative support, planning support, marketing & social media support